Games with Sticks
You can build the structures with other people.
Deal an equal number of sticks to each player, choose a pattern and take turns placing a stick. A player who places the stick in the wrong place for the pattern loses a turn, and the player who uses all his sticks first wins. A player who causes the dome to collapse because he disturbs it when placing a stick ends the game and loses. The other players count their remaining sticks, and the one with fewest wins.
Have Fun !
The real reason to build with Leonardo Sticks is to have fun. Trying to figure out how to make the patterns and trying to remember the one Rule each time you place a stick sounds like work, but it can be fun, especially when the domes grow bigger and higher.
Leonardo Sticks are an example of how a simple idea can produce complex results, and using the sticks gives you a feeling of what builders and architects and computer programmers do. They find new combinations of simple ideas to produce structures of complexity and beauty. And they have fun doing it!
Leonardo Sticks
The Leonardo Sticks are sold in wooden boxes containing 72 sticks colored in 6 different colors. If you are interested in buying please contact us by e-mail.