Exhibition - 'Art in Motion'.
June 21 - September 14 (2003)
Location: Bos van Ypeij,
Tytsjerk, Friesland,
the Netherlands
Catalogue ISBN 90-802296 8-7
"Aquanimaties" is a digital water clock that displays a digital readout of time as measured by bubbles occurring on the water's surface that have been created by a grid of sprayers. The digital water clock provides the exact time by means of a device that receives signals from an atomic clock. Creating such an innovation as the digital water clock initially required close cooperation between the artist, the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden (Institute of Technology, Department of Engineering), the Technologiecentrum Noord-Nederland and Hoekstra Suwald Installatie & Techniek & Solar B.V.
The "Clock-watching Project" is a projection of 720 different images of clocks, each of which displays one minute of time. By having each image jump to the next after precisely one minute, the entire presentation works like a single 24-hour clock.