Intersculpt 2001

Exhibition Paris / 2nd International Competition for Digital Sculpture

'Since the 1st Digital Sculpture Competition, organized during INTERSCULPT 99, my greater pleasure - and I assume it's the same for other juries's members - is to discover, with the competition, new artworks and new artists coming from so many countries.'

'If we look at all the 2nd DSC entries, we can see very different works, but it's possible to bring out 2 movements: a geometrical or mathematical trend, and a biological trend. In fact, it's not realy a suprise but the continuation of all art history. For a DSC juror, it's rather difficult to compare 2 works belonging to these 2 trends, using only his aesthetic point of view (it's impossible and absurd to decide who is "the best" between Rodin and Brancusi, Giacometti and Calder !). So, the Jury have only 1 subjective criterion to rate, and 3 criteria related to the computer sculpture and rapid-prototyping techniques.'

'The 3 winners of the 2nd DSC are Tom Longtin, Rinus Roelofs and John Riley.'

Christian Lavigne, president of the 2nd DSC.